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Black in Psych

Black in Psych is a platform to promote visibility, community, and networking opportunities between Black professionals and trainees across the field of psychology.


Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

How to get involved

You can become a part of Black in Psych by following us on Twitter and Instagram. You can continue to create community and connections for future collaboration by following other black psychologists via our social media platforms!


You can also feel free to engage with us by sharing and amplifying Black in Psych’s announcements, events, and messages on social media platforms (#BlackinPsych).  You can find us on Twitter using the handle BlackinPsych and on Instagram using at black_inpsych. 

Submit a Member Profile!


If you want to become a member of Black in Psych please fill out a member profile form. You will be added to a repository of Black Psychologists.


Using the Black Psychologist repository you can reach out to other members of Black in Psych to create community and connections among your peers in similar or disparate fields.

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