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Ashley Greaves is a doctoral student in the Developmental Psychology program at NYU Steinhardt.


She is mentored by Dr. Natalie Brito in the Infant Studies of Language And Neurocognitive Development (ISLAND) lab.

Generally, Ashley examines how aspects of caregiver-child interaction facilitate learning in infancy and toddlerhood.


Specifically, she uses mixed methods (observed behavior, single EEG, EEG hyperscanning, survey, interview) to examine how synchrony (reciprocal physiological and behavioral cues) in these interactions facilitates early development.


Through her research, Ashley hopes to elucidate neurocognitive, biological, psychological, and social mechanisms by which caregivers respond to their children in real time to foster development.


Ashley graduated with her bachelor's degree in Neuroscience and Educational Studies from Swarthmore College in 2018. Ultimately, Ashley is passionate about teaching, mentorship, and research to include and uplift the voices and perspectives of underrepresented communities.

Ashley Greaves
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