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Ayana "Danni" Brower

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Danni Brower is an adult undergraduate and MARC U-STAR research fellow at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro pursuing a B.S. with Honors in psychology with a minor in chemistry. Her research focus is episodic memory.

Danni is completing a senior honors thesis in dimensional associations between schizotypy and cued recall performance in a dual list interference task.


Her thesis considers the role of contextual information in the encoding, search, and recall of episodic memory with a particular emphasis on changed information.

Her research interests in memory include context processing, pattern computations, memory updating, semantic networks, consolidation, and memory’s neural correlates, as well as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia generally. She has also developed an interest in computational modeling of recall in just the past week.

Danni will begin a master’s degree in neuroscience in the UK this fall. She is passionate about science communication. Her YouTube channel, Mind Under Matter, explores brain science with irreverent humor, acerbic wit, and strong profanity.


Outside of the lab (or let's be honest, Zoom), she enjoys headbanging and dabbling non-committaly in the French language.

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